Spring cleaning – Go green!

April 21, 2016 by drkristylewis

vinegar-768948_960_720Before you get ready to do some Spring cleaning take some time to re-evaluate your cleaners. Conventional cleaning products are full of chemicals that can be harmful to our health and the environment. Some chemicals do not break down at all and can pollute our food chain. In effort to make Spring cleaning as less toxic as possible I did some research for natural DIY cleansers and found some interesting blog posts which I am sharing below.

Did you know that if you place essential oils in a plastic container you can increase the chances that the plastic will leach chemicals? If you make DIY products find out how you can easily make your own glass spray bottle and natural all-purpose cleaner here.

Speaking of DIY cleaners… Did you know that there are some natural cleaning ingredients you should never mix? Head over to Brendid.com to find out more.

Cleaning wipes are convenient but they can be wasteful. Here is a post on how you can easily make your own with a few ingredients and an old shirt.

DIY isn’t you thing? For a list of safe cleaners and their ratings, visit Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning.

If buying your own products why not support your local stores?

Herb and Spice
Rainbow Foods
The Natural Food Pantry

Now you are ready for some Spring cleaning! You will save money, cut wasteful packaging, and keep everyone in your house (including your pets) safe from toxins.

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